Crime and Policing Comparator

The Crime and Policing Comparator allows you to compare data on recorded crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB), quality of service, finances and workforce numbers for all police forces in England and Wales.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) validates and publishes this data, which is submitted by police forces. Use the four interactive charts below to choose the forces and data you’re interested in and then generate your own graphs.

Need help? The How to use the Crime and Policing Comparator page gives more information on how to use the charts and some examples of the graphs that you could create.

See the About the data page for more information on all the data we’ve used. You can also download the raw data used to create the charts. You can give us your feedback on the charts by clicking the ‘Have your say on this chart’ link.

Want more detail? Our value for money profiles provide benchmarking information on what the police are spending their budgets on; staffing levels by grade and function; and outputs and outcomes in a comparable format.

Quick links:

Click on a category below to go straight to that chart.

Go straight to the recorded crime and ASB chartmore information on recorded crime and ASB. This crime tree shows you how the crime categories are organised.

Go straight to the quality of service chartmore information on quality of service

Go straight to the force finances chartmore information on force finances

Go straight to the workforce numbers chartmore information on workforce numbers

Update 23 January 2013: Crime and victim satisfaction data updated to year ending September 2013. Some data have been re-designated; for more information, see the full list of updates

Most Similar Groups have been updated

Each force’s peer group (Most Similar Group) has been updated to use the latest data from the 2011 Census. For more information, see About the data

Below are charts giving a visual representation of the Crime and Policing Comparator data. These charts may not be suitable for use with screen reader software. The data is available in CSV format in our data section:

Go to the data section.

Recorded crime and ASB

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Quality of service

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Force finances

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Workforce numbers

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